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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is a body wrap?

A: A body wrap is a beauty session that takes place in a spa or beauty salon.  It involves products or mixed ingredients being applied to the skin on the body to achieve a variety of goals, such as moisturizing, soothing or exfoliating the skin, relaxation, detoxification, and more.

Q: Do body wraps really work?

A: Body wraps have been used for thousands of years!  So, the answer is…it depends.  Think about what results you are looking for and ask the spa if any of the body wraps they offer address your interests.  Remember, these are beauty sessions and results are usually mild and gradual, meaning that you will get the best results with repeated sessions.  Ask the spa about what results they guarantee and what packages they offer to get the best results.

Q: What kind of body wraps are there?

A: There are mineral wraps, herbal wraps, mud or clay wraps, hot wraps, compression wraps, wraps that use essential oils, infrared, aromatherapy and more!  There are wraps where you lay down and wraps that require you to stay standing and in motion.  The ingredients and techniques vary widely, so be informed about what the session involved before you make your appointment.  If you have any illnesses, physical conditions, restraints or requirements, be clear about your circumstances.

Q: How long does a body wrap take?

A: Normally a body wrap session takes about an hour, with additional time before and after the session for changing clothes, etc.  If it is your first visit to that spa, add 30 minutes for paperwork and orientation.  Best answer:  Ask the spa.

Q: Can anyone do a body wrap?

A: Normally, yes, but there can be limitations depending on circumstances.  This type of service may not be appropriate for minors, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, individuals who are recovering from surgery (including piercings and tattoos) or people with certain physical conditions, such as high blood pressure, those with pace-makers or other devices installed in the body, etc.  Check with your technician if you have questions.

Q: Can I do a body wrap if I am sick?

A: If you suspect or know you have a contagious illness, you should not participate in spa services.  This includes colds, flu and other upper respiratory illnesses, infections, contagious skin rashes, active herpes breakouts or other diseases that can be transmitted by touch or through contamination of materials and surfaces. There may be an at-home option you can do – consult your spa.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my body wrap?

A: Preparations can vary.  Usually, you should arrive to your appointment with clean skin (no moisturizers or other skin products) and an extra set of undergarments.  Be cautious about doing anything that can irritate your skin several days before or after your appointment, such as waxing, laser hair removal, skin peels, tanning, tattooing, etc.  You may not want to eat a full meal right before your appointment, depending on the circumstances.  Always ask your spa about what to expect.

Q: What is recommended for after-care?

A: Generally, eating light and plenty of hydration are called for.  Some services may not be recommended immediately following a body wrap, such as a massage.  Consult the friendly staff at your spa.

Q: How often can I get a body wrap?

A: Some body wraps can be done in multiple sessions in one day or one week – it all depends on the type of service and your goals.  Be sure to tell your spa in advance about your goals and ask for their recommendation.

Q: Why do prices for body wraps vary so much?

A: Prices for services depend on many variables, such as quality of ingredients, the type of service, special tools, training and certification of the technician, the level of luxury of the service (which may include little extras), convenience and location.  If you love your service, ask about a membership or package rates to bring the price down.  And remember to always tip the staff based on the full price of your service.